Terms & Conditions


The following terms and conditions apply to all our tours.


  • We encourage early booking to make sure all available services. Discounted tour prices are available for bookings received at least 120 days prior to the tour’s departure.
  • We may accept bookings after this date without discount policy; we can guarantee that we will be able to offer the transport and accommodation as listed in the itinerary or specific rooming requests.


       Tour reservation:

  • You can book and pay online, make your desired selections from the options for each the most suitable tour type. The tours are always available listed in “ Vietnam Day Tours“, Vietnam Vacation Packages”, and Vietnam Cruise Tours menus.
  • If you have any customized tour of Vietnam, please contact us via [email protected]

        E-visa To Vietnam reservation:

  • Fill in the form and pay online. Within 2 working days (except Saturday, Sunday, 30th April, 1st May, 2nd September, Hung King’s Day, Tet Holiday and Lunar New Year).


  • All pricing is in US dollars and includes all GST (goods and services tax).


      Vietnam Day Tours:

  • Pay 100% when booking tour.
  • No fee for credit card (visa & master, American Express) and PayPal payment.
  • Change the date for free (subject to availability of the specific components) but please announcing 7 days departure in advance.
  • No fee for a cancellation but please announcing 20 days departure in advance.  Your deposit will be refunded to you within 30 working days. If we cancel, then your deposit will be immediately refunded to you in full recompense for any required or necessary cancellation by us.

      Vietnam Vacation Packages:

       Payment policy:

  • Pay 50% deposit when booking tour (This deposit is nonrefundable once your itinerary is confirmed). Full and final payment for the balance of your tour costs is payable 10 days prior to your tour commencing. This date will be clearly displayed on your itinerary and documentation.
  • If making a reservation within 45 days of your tour commencement full payment is required upon confirmation of all your arrangements.
  • We accept payment by Visa, Master Card, American Express and use a secure automated service provided by Pay Pal (no fee).

         Open bus services: 

  • Unchanged date and nonrefundable

     Date Change Policy:

  • Change the date for free if available services but please announcing 20 days departure in advance.

      Cancellation Policy:

  • To cover our penalty to book your ticket with the airlines, your room with accommodations…so a small fee will apply if you cancel your travel 45 days before your travel date.
  • You will lose your deposit plus any additional fees collected.
  • If we cancel, then your deposit will be immediately refunded to you in full recompense for any required or necessary cancellation by us.


  • In the unlikely event that you feel dissatisfaction with an aspect of your holiday arrangement, we ask you to bring this to the attention to us at the time so that the matter may be resolved right away.
  •  All efforts to rectify your complaint will be made on the spot whilst you are in Vietnam. By calling +84 907 237 289 (Ms. Jade Dinh), we will be able to assist in rectifying your grievance with minimal disruption to yourself and enable you to enjoy your trip.
  • If you feel that the issue was not adequately dealt with then you should refer the matter, in writing, to us within 30 days of the end of the tour.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • [email protected]