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World Heritage Hoi An is known for its many beautiful, ancient and peaceful scenes. Tourists come here often enjoy sipping coffee along the river, cycling around the old town, attending the full moon festival, sailing on the Hoai River or dropping lanterns to pray for blessings. However, in order for the trip to Hoi An to be more experienced, travelers should look to the Hoi An Daily Departure Tours of Lavyla Travel. We guarantee to bring visitors an interesting and unique trip.

Hoi An is the only old town in Vietnam to date, recognized by UNESCO as an ancient city and a world cultural heritage. Hoi An Ancient Town is located downstream of the Thu Bon River in the coastal plain of Quang Nam province. Hoai River (a branch of Thu Bon River) drifted in the middle of the old town, creating a poetic beauty for Hoi An.

Previously, Hoi An was an international trading port, where busy trading activities took place, but today, Hoi An is nestled, quietly and quietly. This has created a unique feature of the city on the Hoai River. Many tourists have the opportunity to visit Hoi An once wishing to come back many more times.

Small, curved roads in Hoi An

Coming to Hoi An, visitors can leisurely walk on the small, curved roads or sit quietly thinking a corner to look and listen to the “breath” of Hoi An. It is the poetic and ancient beauty from ancient architecture and the ancient culture in Hoi An that has attracted and attracted tourists.

Every day, every hour, Hoi An welcomes a lot of visitors from other parts of Vietnam and international visitors from all continents. These tourists often make the journey to discover Vietnamese cultural heritage by combining the daily Hue Tour with Danang Tour, Hoi An Tour on the same trip. Tourists who have a lot of free time also combine to visit Hoi An with many famous places in other regions such as Nha Trang, Da Lat, Western, Hanoi …


The Ancient City Hoi An is not a modern city, Hoi An does not have high-rise buildings, but Hoi An is an old town, a place of rows of old-style tube houses. Because in the past, Hoi An was an international trading port, a gathering place for trading of Japanese, Chinese and Western merchants, so the cultural traces of these countries are still preserved.

Coming to Hoi An through the Hoi An Tour, departing daily, you will “take full advantage of the market” of the old clubs or structures here such as Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall, Assembly Hall Hai South, Chaozhou Assembly Hall, Japanese Covered Bridge (Japanese Bridge) or Ong Pagoda (Quan Cong Temple). You can also look to the Museum of Cultural History in Hoi An or the Museum of Trading Ceramics of Hoi An to visit and learn.

Hoi An can be considered a convergence of unique cultures from the Sa Huynh culture (from the 2nd century AD), Cham culture (from the 2nd to 15th centuries) and the culture. Dai Viet and Dai Nam (from the 15th to the 19th centuries). Because of this cultural diversity, Hoi An has become special and strange in the eyes of visitors.

In addition to the above attractions, when you go to Hoi An Daily Tour, you can also come to admire the beauty of Tan Ky old house, Quan Thang old house, Duc An old house or some attractions in the surrounding area. such as Thanh Ha pottery village, Tra Que vegetable village, Kim Bong carpentry village, Phuoc Kieu bronze casting village or My Son holy land, Cham island …

Especially, if you are traveling as a homestay, not only Da Lat Tour can see the green vegetable gardens but also come to Tra Que Vegetable Village in Hoi An, you will also be immersed. into the world of fresh green vegetables.

Although Hoi An Ancient Town is small, it will be big enough for tourists to visit places like Viet Fun Travel. In particular, coming to Hoi An Tour departing daily, you should try to experience the interesting things that are not everywhere.

An interesting experience that tourists should try in Hoi An is to learn to make pottery (hand-make pottery) in Thanh Ha pottery village, try to be a carpenter in Kim Bong carpentry village, take care of yourself, water vegetables, plant Vegetables in Tra Que Vegetable Village, watch a traditional art show at Hoi An Traditional Art Performance House or simply sit and watch the sunrise on the Hoai River and a cup of warm coffee in the heart of the old town.

There are many interesting things in Hoi An that travelers should try, not only that Lavyla Travel has just shared. For example, visiting Cu Lao Cham and enjoying seafood delicacies (this is not just for Nha Trang Tour or other Sea Tours), one day of trying as a farmer through homestay service in Hoi An ( things that tourists often encounter in Western Tours) etc.

Hoi An, for each person seems to bring “shape” and “appearance” different. If you have the opportunity to return to Hoi An, you will understand what Lavyla Travel has just shared. Hoi An is always an interesting destination in the heart of travelers. Right now, if you want to know more about Hoi An, see firsthand the different beauty of Hoi An, join the Hoi An Daily Departure Tours of Lavyla Travel.

Hoi An captivates visitors from the ancient mossy creases, the street vendors, the gentle rivers hugging the small city to the ancient ancient works. The city is busy, busy with merchants – sellers in the daytime but gentle, sparkling, colorful at night. If it is possible to use 3 “fine words” to describe Hoi An, it is probably ancient, peaceful and sparkling.

Coming to Hoi An, visitors will have the opportunity to discover many interesting things. Tourists will be visiting, exploring and shopping in the only existing old town in Vietnam or sitting on high coffee and watching the old roofs in Hoi An. Especially coming to Hoi An Tour depart daily, you also have the opportunity to attend the full moon festival takes place on the 14th of the lunar month every month.

Hoi An ancient town shimmering at night

If you intend to travel to Hoi An, you should choose Hoi An Tour to explore My Son half day or Hoi An Tour – Cham Island one day of Lavyla Travel. All Tour routes have been carefully surveyed by Lavyla Travel to ensure visitors a fun and impressive trip. If you want to register for Hoi An Tour, please contact Lavyla Travel at Call Center 028 2206 0209 . Wishing you a happy trip with relatives and friends.

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