Da Nang City

Da Nang City & Golden Bridge

Da Nang has long been a favorite destination for many travelers. It has the most “giant” and “majestic” bridges, the hotels and resorts of the best quality; has the best airport in the world, has the beach ranked as the sexiest planet on the planet … This city is also considered the most livable in Vietnam with fresh climate and green-clean-beautiful environment. . Therefore, Da Nang attracts a large number of tourists to visit each year. To help tourists have more beautiful and complete experiences in the city on the Han River, Lavyla Travel has prepared Da Nang Tours that depart daily to serve.

Danang is one of the prominent destinations in the Central region, favored by many domestic and foreign tourists. Referring to Da Nang, people also mention with other phrases such as “the city of” terrible “bridges,” the most beautiful and clean green city in Vietnam “,” the most livable city in Vietnam “,” Singapore of Vietnam ”etc.

However, if you just listen but do not once find it, no matter how ornate words can not describe, convey all the beauty and speciality of this city. Therefore, when given the opportunity, Lavyla Travel invites you to immediately visit Danang to see, to feel and to understand why so many tourists compliment Danang. Through the daily Da Nang Tour of Lavyla Travel, visitors will have the opportunity to visit this beautiful city.

Danang is the “bright spot” of Vietnam’s tourism, the pride of the people of Danang. This illustrates the increasing number of tourists coming from Da Nang or the articles and magazines that voted Da Nang as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam.

In order to create conditions for those tourists who have less time to travel, Lavyla Travel has designed many tours of Da Nang that depart daily for tourists to refer. In each schedule, Lavyla Travel cleverly combines many attractions so visitors can experience more.

Depending on the interests and suitable time, you can choose Tour with content to visit Da Nang half day or 1 day. Although there is only 1 day to explore, but if you know how to arrange the schedule, you will discover the sights and attractions in the inner and suburban areas of Danang. The trip to Danang will help tourists have more memorable experiences.

If you’re interested in Danang city, you’ve probably heard of names like Han River Bridge, Son Tra Peninsula, Hai Van Pass, Ngu Hanh Son, Non Nuoc Fine Arts Rock Village, Ba Na Mountain, and the sea. Pham Van Dong, Nam O Reef, Cam Ne projection village, Tuy Loan ancient village, My Khe beach, Linh Ung Pagoda, Thanh Dien Hai, Champa Art Museum etc. These are the indispensable destinations in the journey. Da Nang tour departs daily of Lavyla Travel.

In addition to the terrible bridges, the statue of carp transforming into the dragon, the Love Bridge, the Dragon Bridge or the Han River swing bridge … the attractions mentioned by Lavyla Travel above are places often visited by tourists.

Ba Na Hills Resort, Da Nang, a popular tourist destination

If you want to visit all of the above points, you need a long-term Da Nang tour with a reasonable Tour schedule. If not, you can choose a few of those highlights to admire and explore. Each destination brings its own beauty, unique characteristics that will surely make you excited and impressed.

You should find out or preview the schedule that you will move to arrange a reasonable time as well as prepare luggage for the trip. Lavyla Travel firmly believes that Da Nang is an ideal resort destination for domestic and international travelers. Da Nang trip will leave visitors with many impressive and unforgettable memories.

Coming to Danang, there are many things that tourists should try and experience. During the day, visitors can visit the beautiful scenery in Da Nang, stop at the Bridge of Love, take photos at the Statue of dragon carp or admire one of the most beautiful temples in Danang (3 Linh Ung pagodas ).

At night, visitors should not miss the opportunity to see the Han River swing bridge at the time of 90-degree rotation around the axis. And if you come to Danang right on the occasion of the festival, visitors remember to choose the time to watch the Dragon Bridge spray water or fire. It can be said that it is an impressive and wonderful experience that you should try if you have the opportunity to come to Danang coastal city.

Coming to Da Nang on Tet holidays, visitors should not miss the opportunity to see the Dragon Bridge spraying water

In addition, discovering Da Nang cuisine is also something that Lavyla Travel advises travelers to experience when traveling to Da Nang. There are Da Nang culinary tours for those who “fall in love” with the delicious food here. You can enjoy the specialties of Da Nang such as Quang noodles, Nam O fish salad, Cau Mong veal, rice paper with pork skin, two heads of da …

The culinary experience in Da Nang will make visitors more love and attachment to this land. Da Nang has a “prime location” that is adjacent to three world cultural heritages: Hue ancient capital, Hoi An ancient town and My Son holy land. After visiting Da Nang, you can continue the journey to discover the Central Heritage through the Hoi An Daily Departure Tour, Hue Tour, Phong Nha Cave Tour, etc.

Da Nang is probably the most famous name among the tourist destinations in the Central region that has been popular with tourists in recent years. If you have the opportunity, invite you to visit the coastal city of Da Nang by the Da Nang Daily Departure Tours.

You need any information or advice about Danang tourism, please contact Lavyla Travel. We will answer wholeheartedly for you to have fun, memorable trips.

The beaches in Da Nang attract tourists on major holidays of the year

Here are some Da Nang tours that depart daily from Lavyla Travel

Danang One Day Tour (Ba Na – Nui Chua)
Da Nang Culinary Tour Half Day
Da Nang Tour Visit Marble Mountains Hoi An Ancient Town Half Day

There are many other interesting Da Nang Tours waiting for visitors to join, explore and feel. Please contact Lavyla Travel on 028 2206 0209. Our enthusiastic staff are always ready to assist you with your questions.

If you want to know more useful information during the trip to Da Nang, readers and visitors can read the article sharing experiences in the travel guide column at the website: www.lavyla.com by Lavyla Travel. By the way, Lavyla Travel also wishes you a happy trip to Da Nang with family and friends.

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