1. General introduction

– Full name: Lavyla Travel Company Limited

– English transaction name: Lavyla Travel

– Business lines: Tourism services

– Company size: 20 – 30 people

– Working hours: 7:30 am – 21:30 pm. Working all days of the week, including Sundays, holidays, Tet

– Headquarters:

– Phone:

Operator – Overseas guests:

– Email: [email protected]

[email protected]

– Website

+ English:

Lavyla Travel Company Limited (Lavyla Travel) is a travel company specializing in organizing domestic tours for domestic and foreign tourists. Lavyla Tourism was established in 2013, so far with nearly 7 years of experience, we have organized thousands of tours, serving millions of tourists who want to visit and explore the beauty of Vietnam. Lavyla Travel always works with the criteria to bring more joy to customers through the travel itinerary. Lavyla Travel serves customers in a dedicated and enthusiastic way so that after every journey, you will get much pleasure.

Each day the work passes, every day Lavyla Travel gets bigger and bigger. The growth comes from the solidarity of the collective and the efforts of each member of the company. All work with a spirit of vision and progress, always aiming for tomorrow to be better, better quality today. This, you will recognize through communication, professional working of the company staff from Tour consultants, Tour operators to drivers, tour guides, etc. And thanks to this, Lavyla Travel is getting more and more trust and support from near and far visitors.

About the services of Lavyla Travel Company, we offer various types of Tours from Daily Tours, Long-term Tours, Trans-Vietnam Tours, Package Tours to Tour Tours Customer-designed calendar. Lavyla Travel also extends the visa for foreign visitors, booking travel tickets, booking hotel tours, etc.

Currently, Lavyla Travel has the branches office at P606 B1 Apartment – Bong Sao Street – Ward 5 – District 8 – HCMC. And in the near future, Lavyla Travel will expand and establish many branch offices to serve Timely service of the travel needs of customers. Lavyla Travel is very honored and honored to become the first travel unit that you think of when you need to visit or travel. Lavyla Travel welcomes all comments from customers about the quality of travel services via hotline.